Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shells From The Beach - Interlude

The sun tumbled down behind the last great mountain in the world, and his heart melted away along with it. He knew that right now, as he stood at the base of that mountain, wars were raging all around this little shoebox of a universe. Not the kind of wars you would see on television. There were literally billions of wars raging right now just on the mothball of a planet called Earth. Each of these billions of wars was being fought by billions of electrical impulses in the gray matter of each and every sad organism on the planet unlucky enough to have evolved into walking upright. With all this chaos and confusion and madness happening behind pretty smiles and shiny new car ads something terrible was bound to happen. It was like the entire human race was collectively standing in a large puddle wearing iron boots holding an umbrella up high while storm clouds gathered over the horizon. The Lightning was coming.

He had been stuck at the bottom of the mountain for what seemed like an eternity. It had been so long that he couldn't remember what had brought him here in the first place. Was he supposed to climb up it? He bent his neck and tried follow the massive slope of rock to its peak, but it was lost in the clouds. He just was just waiting, as he had been for a long, long time now, paralyzed by indecision. Without warning or provocation a small black rabbit bolted out from behind a nearby bush. It certainly would not do the animal justice to say it hopped over to him. It was so fast it was constantly out of focus, even when sitting still at his feet.

“Of course,” he thought, “the rabbit dream.”

He had begun to be able to recognize his dreams even while they were still going on. The fact that he knew he was dreaming somehow never made him feel any better, any less terrified.

“The tools that you seek. Reach the mountain top to find. The gift inside waits.”

The rabbit told him this every time he appeared. The man knew the rabbit’s name was Hector from previous dreams. He also knew what to expect next. Without another word the rabbit turned and rushed up a narrow path, climbing high and out of sight in the blink of an eye.

He stood there watching the spot on the mountain path where the rabbit had disappeared. He wanted to follow the rabbit, but it was just so fast. He so desperately wanted to reach the top of the mountain and find the tools necessary to remove the gift safely from his chest, but it was just so far to the top. He knew with certainty that by the time he reached the top the coal would have indeed turned to diamond, but that seemed like such a long time away. He heard the first clap of Thunder off in the distance. The storm had begun.

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